Motion language, film and launch campaign for the rebranding of Correos, the Spanish public postal service.

Rebranding film

We developed this impactful energetic trailer video to present the rebranding campaign to the press, media and consumers.

The Motion Language

We developed a motion/design language which could be stretched across all formats and executions with instant brand recognition. A simple solution that transmits the sense of a huge logistic operation that works efficiently. Animating the brand pattern elements developed in the new brand identity with a non-stop motion where elements come in and out of frame, reflects the delivery essence of the business.

Digital OOH

For a few days, digital windows and big screens of Madrid city center, were taken over with short animation pieces that focused on different aspects of the rebranding.

Social Media

Some examples of pill-animations to explain further aspects of the rebranding campaign on social media.

Cinema 45s version

We also created a 45s version of the film to be projected in cinemas.

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