Traditional real estate is going through a revolution, with new business models aiming to improve and simplify rents by making them a fully automated online process.

The startup SpotAHome, is one of them, ready to challenge the market.

With this online and social media-focused campaign, SpotAHome aimed to introduce itself creating brand awareness and also communicate its benefits in a clear and straightforward way.

We took the opportunity and created a communication platform with the following claim: “Renting was a hassle”, and we used it to start working with a new and unique tone and brand personality to set SpotAHome apart from its competitors.

“Gracias a esta campaña hemos conseguido aumentar el tráfico de usuarios a la web en un 32% y el tráfico a la página web de propietarios ha crecido en un 62%”.

Emilia Renedo
Marketing Manager in Spotahome Spain